Immediate phone interpreting

TIS National's immediate phone interpreting service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year by calling 131 450.

The service is available to any individual or organisation in Australia, enabling non-English speakers to independently access services and information over the phone.

How to access an immediate phone interpreter

  1. Call TIS National on 131 450.
  2. When you are connected to a TIS National operator, say the language you need.
  3. Stay on the line while the operator finds an available interpreter for you.
  4. The operator will connect you with an interpreter in the language you asked for. You will be asked to provide:
    1. your name
    2. the name of the organisation you need to contact
    3. the phone number of the organisation you need to contact.
  5. Stay on the line while the operator connects you and the interpreter through to the organisation.

TIS National can't guarantee the organisation you need to contact will accept calls from TIS National. The majority of TIS National services are free to non-English speakers as the organisation you are contacting will accept the charges for the service. If the organisation you are trying to contact will not accept the charges for the service, you may choose to register a personal account with TIS National and pay for the service yourself.

Business hours also vary between organisations. Most organisations in Australia operate during standard business hours between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Many organisations will not be available on public holidays.