On-site interpreting

About on-site interpreting

The on-site interpreting service is available for agency clients to book an interpreter to attend an appointment face-to-face.

When using a phone interpreter would not be suitable, TIS National can arrange for an interpreter to visit your location. On-site interpreting services can be arranged for any location in Australia (subject to interpreter availability).

An on-site interpreter may be most appropriate when:

  • you have a scheduled appointment with a client

  • the appointment is of a sensitive or serious nature

  • you anticipate that the appointment will go for an extended period of time.

Booking an on-site interpreter

On-site appointments are usually booked by the organisation that needs to communicate with their non-English speaking client.

You can easily request and manage all of your on-site interpreter bookings through TIS Online. Using TIS Online allows us to secure an interpreter for your request in the shortest possible time frame.  All agencies registered with a TIS National account are automatically registered to use TIS Online. Find out more about TIS Online or visit the TIS Online login page to get started.

TIS National will notify you once an interpreter has been allocated to your request.

On-site interpreter requests can be accepted up to three months in advance and we endeavour to allocate an interpreter within three days of receiving the request.

If you need to update the appointment details after you have submitted your request, you can do this easily through your TIS Online account.

If your interpreter does not arrive to the appointment on time, contact the TIS Online Support team by phone and we will contact the interpreter to find out why they have been delayed.

On-site interpreting service charges

Please view our interpreting service charges before submitting a booking request. You can also estimate the cost of your booking using our cost calculator.