The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) provides a range of videos to assist you and your clients to access and use our services.

We are TIS National video

Learn about the types of interpreting services available to clients, how to access an interpreter, the Free Interpreting Service, interpreter appointment to our panel of service providers, allocation and conduct, where to find helpful online resources and how to get in contact with TIS. 

ATIS video

ATIS is our automated voice-prompted immediate phone interpreting service, allowing you to access interpreters in high demand languages without having to wait in a queue for assistance from a TIS National Contact Centre operator.

The ATIS video explains the simple five-step process to accessing an immediate phone interpreter.

Educational video for pharmacists

The Educational video for pharmacists has been developed to provide pharmacists with a comprehensive introduction to TIS National and its services. 

The video uses animation to explain how to access the Free Interpreting Service with a simple four-step process. 

The benefits of using interpreters in a pharmacy setting are highlighted and guidance is provided on how to work effectively with interpreters to communicate with clients.  

Hints and tips for working with interpreters video

When communicating through an interpreter, it is important to adopt some specific behaviours and styles of communication. The Hints and tips for working with interpreters video provides information on some effective ways to bridge the communication gap between English speakers and people with no or limited English language skills  through the use of interpreters. 

TIS Multilingual promotional video

TIS Multilingual, improves the multilingual services offered to its diverse, multilingual audience. The TIS Multilingual video displays how to view the translated HTML content in the top ten high-demand languages within three sections of the TIS National website.

TIS Online promotional video

TIS Online is an automated booking tool that allows our agency clients to request, manage and monitor all of their TIS National on-site interpreter bookings online. It also allows our interpreters to select the assignments they would like to complete.

TIS Online instructional video for agencies

The TIS Online instructional video has been developed to provide agency clients with a practical demonstration on how to use TIS Online.

TIS Online instructional video for interpreters

The TIS Online instructional video has been developed to provide interpreters with a practical demonstration on how to use TIS Online.