Do your clients know you use TIS National interpreters?

20 May 2015

At TIS National, we’ve made it easy to promote the availability of our interpreters to communicate with your organisation. Providing access to language services supports all Australians to connect with your business regardless of their language. 

Our Guidelines for promoting TIS National can assist you to let your clients know they can access TIS National interpreters to communicate with your agency.

The guidelines can be used together with a range of pre-translated text available in high-demand languages to let non-English speakers know how to contact you using a TIS National phone interpreter.

Access the guidelines and pre-translated text here 

TIS National also provides a range of promotional materials to assist you and your clients to access our services. You can view, print or save our range of promotional materials from our promotional materials catalogue.

If you need more information or assistance promoting the availability of TIS National services through your agency, contact a Client Liaison and Promotions account manager by email to or call 1300 655 820.


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