Do you send booking requests to TIS National by fax?

16 June 2014

In an effort to create a streamlined and paperless booking system, from 1 September 2014, TIS National will no longer accept booking requests which are sent by fax.

From this date, booking requests for on-site and pre-booked phone interpreters will only be accepted through the online interpreter booking form on our website.

There are a range of benefits to using the online booking form including:

  • it's monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • it allows us to process your booking requests in the shortest possible time
  • requests automatically register in our booking system, removing delays from having to process your request manually
  • you will receive a notification confirming your request was submitted successfully
  • ensures your request includes all of the information our booking officers need to immediately start searching for an available interpreter
  • removes the potential for errors when booking officers need to manually enter hand-written fax requests in the booking system
  • ensures your request can't be misplaced or overlooked
  • being a paperless system, you can help us reduce the environmental impact created from printed faxes.

Find the online interpreter booking form at

For more information about using TIS National services, view our frequently asked questions for agencies or call the Client Liaison and Promotions team on 1300 655 820.


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